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PICTURE DESCRIPTION:Customized Indoor Agriculture Project In Singapore (Started in 2014)

We're pround to introduce our Plant Grow LED for you ,suitable for indoor  and conventional growing. 

We developed this customized LED Tube in 2014 for our customer’s indoor agriculture project. Pioneering with plant factory projects to build their indoor farms in Singapore, 

we had further extend our services to multiple LED growing. 

A tailored-made LED tube that produces  light at specific wavelengths was developed to meet their needs. 

Our Special LED Tube was tested and approved by our customer; which was subsequently deployed for their expansion in 2015.


Now people can buy vegetables produced by A-LITE LED grow lights in lots of supermarkets in Singapore.

Receiving results from the clients' comparing our tubes with those in the market,
we have high confidence that our product will provide you with the best outcome.

To know more about our product series, you may contact us directly.


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